Did You Know?

ladyThere are four types of debtors that we service?

The Straightforward Debtor: is eager to resolve the problem with their debt. They stay in touch, communicate honestly and are diligent in making payments and/or payment arrangements.

The Aggressive Debtor: is one who attacks when contacted regarding the debt. They might yell, make false statements or even create an excuse to delay payment or try not to pay at all.

The Passive Debtor: avoids the debt obligation completely. They will not accept any type of communication and continuously break their promises to pay.

The Deceptive Debtor: knows from the start that they have no intentions of paying their debt. They will use every excuse under the sun to escape making a payment.


Our Services Include:

    • Full compliance with FDCPA, HIPAA and all federal, state and local collection statutes.
    • Maintaining good will, as well as your business or practice integrity.
    • Communication with debtors is made on a continuous basis maximizing collection activity.
    • We have experienced, professional and well-versed collection counselors.
    • Providing Placement Confirmations, Status Reports and Remittance Statements in a timely manner.
    • Skip Tracing, DMV, Internet Searches and Reporting to the Credit Bureau at no additional cost.
    • Litigation begins after your approval.



We are required to inform you that we do not provide language translation services. A translation and description of commonly used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on www.nyc.gov/dca