Healthcare Collections

Healthcare Collections

“Your patients received medical or dental services, let us collect your past due receivables.”

From the inception of our collection business, C.Tech has continually achieved its goal in becoming one of the most credible full service receivable agencies within the Tri-State area. Under the guidance, wisdom and expertise of its principal owners, C.Tech delivers exceptional collection services to over 1,000 active clients.

Much of the company’s success is largely due to the concept and formation of a team approach. Collection personnel are divided into teams, each assigned to specific medical areas, such as: Anesthesia, Cardiology, Fertility, OB/GYN, Pain Management, Pediatrics, Surgical, Dental, Radiology and more.

Each team maintains a staff of senior and junior collectors who attempt communication by alternating between day queues and evening queues. If the debtor can’t be reached in the daytime, that debtor flips automatically to the evening queue and vice versa until they reach the debtor. All teams are knowledgeable in medical and dental terminology, as well as receive updated training in FDCPA, HIPAA, Federal, State and Local collection statutes.

We are able to accept the patient data in several formats, such as, Electronic Download File Format, PDF, Excel, Fax, and U.S. Mail. Patient data is entered into our collection software system. Once we receive the patients whom are being placed into collections, the Collection Process begins.

A first letter is mailed to the patient informing them that they have been placed into collections for non-payment of their medical/dental bills. A series of follow up letters are mailed, as well as telephone calls which are implemented simultaneously. We also provide reporting to the credit bureau, skip tracing, DMV and internet searches at no additional fees.

Should our collection efforts become exhausted and we determine that legal recovery be considered, we will refer the account to an attorney. If litigation is warranted, that action will only be taken upon your approval. We utilize a network of collection attorneys for representation in various states.